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Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours Spray - 100ml

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Captain Zack Scent'sationally Yours Cologne Spray, infused with the luxuriant floral scent of Jasmine essential oil, helps control pet odour and keeps your pet smelling delightfully fresh.Tap into nature's power with this gentle and alcohol-free cologne, made with this nourishing qualities and natural extracts. Keep your pet clean, fresh and smiling all day.


- Essential Oil Based Dog Cologne: Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours is devoid of any artificial fragrances, controls pet odor and keeps your pet smelling delightfully fresh all day.

-Natural Actives/Essential Oils: Scent’sationally Yours, is carefully packed with natural botanical actives of Jasmine Essential Oil and Wheat Protein specially formulated to control pet odour

- Gentle Ingredients

- Anti-Irritant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Antiseptic

- pH Neutralised: Ideal for Dogs

- Fragrance-Free and Paraben-Free

- Vegan and Animal Cruelty-Free

- No Harmful Chemicals and No Artificial Fragrances

- For best results: Do not dilute the shampoo

- Safe for all breeds of dogs.

Key ingredients and Benefits

Key Ingredient
Jasmine Essential Oil

- Has a pleasant effect on the nervous system and is perfectly designed to lift your pet’s spirits.
- It has a sweet scent, which grants a delightful experience when it’s aroma fills the air.

Wheat Protein - Are embedded with natural lipids, giving a cationic charge that enables it to not only bond onto your pet’s hair and skin, but also provide enriched conditioning reducing brittleness and limpness with dramatic effects on damaged hair.
- It also adds shine and makes fur manageable.

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Benefits of dog grooming range from improving circulation and helping redistribute natural oil, helping keep coats and skin healthy, to reducing stress and blood pressure — both in you and your pet. Here are some Petsy Tips to help keep your pet looking and feeling its best.

1. Do start early

2. Don’t use human products 

Always choose a shampoo specifically designed for dogs. Dogs have much thinner, sensitive skin and their skin pH is different from the pH of human skin.

3. Do pay attention 

Early detection of issues such as lumps, bumps, sores etc can mean your pet can receive the correct treatment early on without issues escalating or getting worse.

4. Don’t bathe too often 

Regular grooming, by way of combing and brushing, is often all that is required. Bathing too often can also be detrimental to your dog as it can irritate and dry out their skin and hair coat.

5. Do remember to rinse

Make sure you rinse well and remove any unwanted product to avoid irritation.

Can I use this every day?

Recommended for weekly use.

Is this safe for all breeds?

Safe for dogs and cats over 6 weeks old. 

How should I use this product?

Mist pet lightly. Avoid genital areas and face, especially eyes. Do not allow your pet to ingest.