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GiGwi Ball Squeaker - Red/Purple

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This GiGwi Ball is the perfect toy for fetch and your pet can even play in the water with its floating ability.


- Made from Thermoplastic rubber

- Designed to withstand even the most powerful teeth

- Ridged surface to help clean teeth and massage/soothe gums

- Each ball has a long-range and high bounce

- Perfect for playing fetch

- Floats on water for added fun for those who love to swim!

Size Guide

S 5cm
M 6cm

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Keeping your dog interested in his/her toys:

1. Rotate your dog's toys weekly by making only a few toys available at a time. Keep a variety of types easily accessible and watch out for any of your dog's favorites such as plush teddy. You may want to leave this out for your dog all the time.

2. Provide toys that serve a variety of purposes — to mentally stimulate, chew, tug, and for comfort!

3. Hide some toys in obvious spots. "Found" toys are often more attractive than ones obviously introduced.

4. Have time for lots of interactive play! Toys designed for interactive play enhance your bond with your pooch.

Petsy Recommends:

1. Supervised play - all toys can pose a risk if your dog swallows parts of them (or the whole toy), therefore we recommend supervised play to keep your dog safe whilst playing.

2. Replace damaged toys - sharp or frayed edges can cause injuries to your dog and should be replaced. Damaged toys should be discarded.

3. Buy toy sizes that are appropriate. You wouldn’t buy an oversized chew toy for a chihuahua. Likewise, a toy that’s too small for a larger dog could be a potential choking hazard. Find the right size of dog toy for your pet to maximize safety and enjoyment.