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Hazel & Co Bow Tie - Purple Fantasy (Petsy Exclusive)

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- Fabrics used are 100% organic cotton with natural dyes keeping in mind the wellbeing of your pet’s fur and skin.

- The straps used in the bows are cotton as well. Hazel & Co stands against making any accessories with nylon or other synthetic products.

- The colours and patterns are bright and often unisex for pets.

Sizing Guide

Small (S) 4" (10.2cm)
Medium (M) 5" (12.6cm)
Large (L) 6" (15.3cm)
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Petsy Quote

"Even the most adorable of pups experience a seemingly impossible 50 percent increase in squeal-worthy cuteness when equipped with a bow tie!" - Anonymous

How do I know which size to get?

As a general rule, the optimal bowtie size would match that of your dog's collar. You don't want a very small bowtie for a large dog or vice versa!