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Me-O Creamy Cat Treats - Crab - Pack of 4 (4 x 60 gms)

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The Me-O Creamy Treats Crab is a great way to reward your pet. With a mouth-watering taste, your cat will love these velvety creamy treats that also contain the goodness of Omega 6, Zinc, taurine and fibre!

Key Nutritional Information

- For cat age 1 month up

- Fiber assists in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

- Taurine improves eyesight.

- Omega 6, Zinc &DL-Methionine help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

- For balanced nutrition, do not feed this treats as a meal. 

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5 Treat Tips for a Healthy Cat

1. Moderation is key! 

2. Stick to treats and foods formulated for cats and avoid human food. These contain the vitamins, minerals and amino acids a cat requires. 

3. Avoid toxic foods - Raisins, grapes, onions, alcohol, salt, tea, etc

4. Give cat treats for fun and fitness - help your cat exercise its brain and body by using cat treats to train them in agility exercises.

5. Use treats when grooming your cat e.g. claw trimming, tooth brushing, giving medication, etc. This will help comfort or even distract your cat. 

Is this treat suitable for all breeds?

Yes, this is suitable for all breeds.

Can I give this treat to my kitten?

This treat is suitable for kittens and cats above 1 month of age. 

How many should I give my cat?

As a general guideline, treats should never provide more than 10% of a cat's energy/calorie intake, and a 5% target is better. Too many treats will interfere with your cat's appetite for her regular food. Too many treats can also make a significant contribution to cats becoming overweight. 

We recommend limiting the quantity provided to your cat to 1 piece of a treat a day as a general guideline. Ofcourse this depends on your cat's lifestage, breed and other factors which should be taken into account.