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Petkin - Pet Liquid Oral Care Invisible formula - 225ml

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Liquid Oral Care provides an easy way to keep your pet's teeth and gums clean and healthy while freshening breath. Simply add Liquid Oral Care to your pet's daily drinking water. The tasteless and colorless formula works invisibly to clean and brighten teeth and gums while freshening breath and cleaning plaque and tartar.

Key Features

- Cleans plaque & tartar.

- Works invisibly in pet's drinking water.

- Approved for filtered water fountains.

- No taste, color or smell.

- Brightens teeth.

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It’s estimated that over 80% of cats and dogs over 3 years of age have some form of dental disease. 

Accumulate of bacteria in the mouth contribute to dental disease including gum disease (periodontal disease - inflammation and infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth). 

Without regular attention and awareness of ways in which to prevent gum disease, your pet could develop a painful condition where the pet's teeth become loose and may need to be pulled out (extracted).

Just like humans, cats and dogs need regular dental care. Some easy ways to look after your pet's teeth include:

1. Visit your vet for regular checkups

2. Feed your cat dry food to promote mechanical cleaning and help protect their teeth from disease. If your cat eats mostly wet food then there’s no physical abrasion when they chew. Over time, a diet of wet foods alone can lead to gingivitis and even loose teeth so make sure you feed them a mix of wet and dry food so they can reap the benefits of both.

3. Use dental treats and toys

4. Use a pet toothbrush

5. Use pet dental care products e.g. tooth wipes, sprays, gels, water additives

How should I use this product?

- Shake gently before use. 

- Add a capful of Liquid Oral Care to every 8 ounces/230ml of drinking water. 

- Prepare fresh drinking water every day. 

- You will start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks. Use daily for best results.

Note: Most pets accept Liquid Oral Care right away. If not, try adding a capful per 8 ounces/230ml of water the first few days until your pet fully accepts.