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Stars and Snowflakes Digital Print Cotton Collar - Love Petsy (Exclusive to Petsy)

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If retro and funky is your pooch's style, then this custom digital print is perfect for your pooch! Made from 100% cotton, it is lightweight, easy to clean and safe for your pooch to wear. No more rashes or allergic reactions. Proven to be a show stopper, and head turner - you have got to have this collection for your pooch! It's time to stand out from the crowd.


- 100% Cotton

- Custom digital print

- Hand wash only

- Dry in shade

- Made In India

Sizing Guide:



Small Length - 10.5” to 16.5”
Width - 0.75”
Length - 13” to 20”
Width - 1”
Length - 15” to 25.5”
Width - 1”
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Putting a collar on your puppy for the first time is an exciting moment. It represents that this is your puppy and that there will be many future outings and special occasions you will share together. It is important that your pup wears the correct type and size of collar. 

Your puppy’s collar should fit snugly. Too loose and they will pull it off. Too tight and it will cut into their skin and annoy them. 

You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably under the collar when it is fastened. 

Petsy Tips for getting your puppy to wear their collar: 

1. Place the collar on the floor in front of your puppy. When they sniff it, give them a treat. 

2. Place the collar on their neck but don’t fasten it. Again give them a treat. 

3. Quickly fasten the collar around their neck, give them a treat and take it off again. 

4. Progress like this and soon your puppy will love having their collar on.

How do I know which size to get?

1. Grab a flexible measure tape. If you don't have a flexible measure tape available, we recommend grabbing a piece of string to measure your pet's neck. 

2. Wrap the string loosely around the preferred area where the collar will sit, and remember, do NOT pull too tight! It is best to have at least a finger room when measuring for a collar.

3. When you have the string held at the desired spot, cut the string, and then lay flat and measure with a ruler.