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Stars and Snowflakes Digital Print Cotton Leash - Love Petsy (Exclusive to Petsy)

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If retro and funky is your pooch's style, then this custom digital print is perfect for your pooch! Made from 100% cotton, it is lightweight, easy to clean and safe for your pooch to wear. No more rashes or allergic reactions. Proven to be a show stopper, and head turner - you have got to have this collection for your pooch! It's time to stand out from the crowd.


- 100% Cotton

- Custom digital print

- Hand wash only

- Dry in shade

- Made In India

Sizing Guide:



Length 51”
Width - 0.75”
Length 59”
Width - 1”

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Choosing the right leash size


- As a general rule, the bigger your dog, the wider his leash should be.
- If you’re choosing a leash for a puppy, buy with his adult size in mind whenever possible. However, sometimes this may not workout - 1m leash may be fine for an adult German Shephard, but may not be suitable for him as a puppy.


The leash length depends on what you find comfortable and gives you the most control.

Long Leashes - Long leases can also give your dog a taste of off-leash freedom to wander and explore without constraint while keeping him and others safe.
- Using a long lead on your dog requires constant attention to prevent the leash from dragging on the ground where it can catch on stones, wrap around a tree, or around his or your legs.
Short Leashes - Short dog leashes give you better control over your dog than long leashes. These are perfect for dogs who always pull, or those who can be unpredictable around other dogs or people.
- Short leashes are also beneficial when you walk your dog in an urban environment, where there is always a lot of car traffic nearby and the sidewalks are crowded.

Petsy Tip: You should have more than one. Even a quality leash can break, be lost, or get chewed up during training. Have a back-up, or two, in case something unexpected happens.

How do I know which size to get?

The optimal leash size depends on yourr pooch's breed and size, as well as your personal preference. See our Petsy Tips for some more details on this.