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Trixie Premium H-Harness - Ocean

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This strong, robust and durable harness is just what your dog needs for your daily walks. Easy to put and adjustable to your pet's comfort, the Trixie range of premium H-harnesses are sure to impress. 


- The Trixie ‘Premium’ range of products is based around a super-soft, 2-ply nylon webbing material. When compared against the comparative roughness of regular-quality webbing your dog will quickly notice the difference!

- The ‘H’ harness (so-called because when viewed from above it kind-of makes the shape of an ‘H’) is what could be regarded as the basic, classic, dog harness. 

- The neck aperture can be adjusted; the body fitting can be adjusted; the distance from the front to the back of the harness can be adjusted. 

Sizing Guide: 

Measurements (cm/mm)
S-M 42 - 60cm / 15mm
M-L 52 - 75cm / 20mm 
L-XL 75 - 120cm / 25mm
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Understand the dos and don’ts of a harness before using one.


Spend time fitting the harness

The comfort of your dog should be a priority. Observation is the best way to determine if your dog is comfortable.

Holding the leash

It is necessary that you hold the leash of the harness with the hand closest to your dog. Reward your dog each time it takes a step with you. This will help your dog enjoy its walk more while learning to adjust to the harness.

Shorter Distances 

When introducing your dog to a harness, try walking shorter distances until it gets accustomed to the harness.


Do not be impatient

Be patient while fitting, walking with and removing the harness. Jerking the harness can cause injuries in smaller dogs.

How do I know which size to get?

1. Using a flexible measuring tape, start at the bottom of the rib cage over the back and meet where the tape starts. This is usually the widest part of your dog’s torso. If you don't have a flexible measure tape available, we recommend grabbing a piece of string to measure. When you have the string held at the desired spot, cut the string, and then lay flat and measure with a ruler. 

2. Then, measure the thickest part of the neck just above the shoulders. 

3. The length of the harness (i.e. how far the harness covers your dog’s back) is a matter of preference. Just be sure to cover the core area.  


- Two-finger rule: as a general rule to test for snugness, leave a two-finger gap between the harness and your dog. 

- In between two sizes: best to size up!