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Woof & Wags Bandana - Candy World (Petsy Exclusive)

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A funky and super cool accessory for any dog and any breed! Easy to wear and remove, this one-of-a-kind accessory will surely turn heads. Let your pooch be fashionably comfortable with this accessory, available exclusively on Petsy!


- Fabrics used are 100% organic cotton with natural dyes keeping in mind the wellbeing of your pet’s fur and skin.

- The colours and patterns are bright and often unisex for pets.

- Made in India

Sizing Guide:

Measurements (Inches)
Small 6" Height and 6" Width
Medium 7" Height and 7" Width
Large  9" Height and 9" Width

Please note that actual measurements may vary by 0.5 inches as each product is handmade. 

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Petsy Tips for bandanas: 

1. A dog bandana is more likely to catch loose hair which is helpful if you have anyone with allergies related to dog hair. 

2. Bandanas also protect some dogs from sunburn (especially dogs with little or very light-coloured hair). 

3. If you have a stressed dog then using a stress relief spray (usually containing pheromones) on a bandana can be a great way to calm your dog down. Lavender essential oil is a great stress reliever! 

4. During hot spells, a wet bandana can be used to help keep a dog cool.

Remember: - Whilst the accessory may be a fashion statement, be mindful of how your dog is feeling, and if you can see it getting irritated or uncomfortable, remove the accessory.

How do I know which size to get?

1. Grab a flexible measure tape. If you don't have a flexible measure tape available, we recommend grabbing a piece of string to measure your pet's neck. 

2. Wrap the string loosely around the preferred area where the collar will sit, and remember, do NOT pull too tight! It is best to have at least a finger room when measuring for a collar.

3. When you have the string held at the desired spot, cut the string, and then lay flat and measure with a ruler.

Have an energetic pup that won't stand still to let you measure? Grab their current collar, lay flat, and measure using only ONE side of the buckle (so it mimics the buckle when clasped).